Sikyon to host series of theatrical events to inaugurate new festival

Deputy Minister of Culture Petros Tatoulis, in collaboration with theater director Theodoros Terzopoulos and the mayor of Sikyon (modern-day Kiato), Angelos Papangelopoulos, announced the creation of a new institution of theatrical performances. The Theater Meeting of Sikyon, which will officially open tomorrow and Sunday, will include performances, symposiums and workshops. Terzopoulos and his Attis theater company will stage «Ajax» by Sophocles tomorrow. During the events, the director will work closely with representatives of the local scene, especially with the Sikyon Stage, an amateur group which will stage Aristophanes’ comedy «Ecclesiazusae» on Sunday. It should be noted that Sikyon is the birthplace of Thespis, whom many consider to be the founder of ancient tragedy. The city is also equipped with an ancient amphitheater, now closed for restoration works, which can hold up to 10,000 people. Mobile festival Talking about the new institution, Terzopoulos pointed out that next year major theater personalities such as director Lefteris Voyiatzis and acclaimed choreographers and artists will feature in the program. There are plans to turn the institution into a kind of mobile festival, so that the theater performances can also be staged in another three cities of archaeological and historical significance: Ancient Maroneia, Preveza and the Ancient Theater of Milos. Tatoulis made it clear that all theater companies will receive sponsorship and added that in a short time he will announce the state’s overall plans regarding theater and all theater-related factors. He described Terzopoulos’s initiative as the «beginning of an institution that will culturally connect the center with the periphery.» He said it is the first institution of its kind, hence omitting the National Cultural Cities Network founded in 1994 or the even older institution of the Regional Municipal Theaters.