Greek films to travel abroad

Though the film didn’t meet with the kind of success its director was hoping for in Greece, Constantinos Giannaris’s «Hostage» is doing well abroad, especially at international festivals. Last week, the European Film Academy announced that «Hostage» is one of the films nominated for the 2005 European Film Award. The award, known as the Felix, will be handed to the director on December 3. According to the Greek Film Center, a co-producer of the film, all efforts are being made in order for the 1,500 members of the academy to be supplied with a reel for viewing prior to the vote. Canada Meanwhile, a tribute to Greek cinema is being organized at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Featuring feature films and documentaries, the tribute is scheduled to take place from September 11 to 18. Screenings will kick off with Tassos Boulmetis’s «A Touch of Spice,» and Pantelis Voulgaris’s «Brides.» The event – which organizers hope will be established as an annual meeting – aims to act as a bridge for cultural exchange.