A glamorous rock’n’roll party

Thankfully, the interview with Richard O’Brien was conducted via e-mail. How else could one ask the creator of «The Rocky Horror Show» enough questions on the celebrated musical which comes to the Lycabettus Theater for four performances next week? Ten years of touring around Europe and 2,000 performances is no easy task. Those who have caught the show in London’s West End offer the following advice: Dress lightly, bring along water pistols, a newspaper, rice and a toilet roll. What would you say to someone who has never experienced «The Rocky Horror Show»? It’s a rock fairy tale. A glamorous party with sexy guests, humor, dance and extraterrestrials from the galaxy of Transylvania. Don’t dream about it. Go and see it. Be a part of it and don’t be afraid to throw rice, toilet rolls or dress up like the show’s characters. What’s different about the Greek shows? There are no changes whatsoever. The characters, the music, the costumes are all the same, it’s the real «Rocky.» We believe the Greek audience will warm up to the show because it’s known for its enthusiasm and impulse. How difficult is it for such a production to travel? Traveling is not easy because you have to transport everything, starting from the costumes and the sets all the way to makeup and false nails. Cast members are chosen according to traditional theatrical criteria as well as their personality because we want to share our love for rock’n’roll, comics and cinema… What are the best and worst moments on the road so far? We all have good and bad moments. That’s life. I went through a bad time before «Rocky.» I think the best time of my life was when I was writing «Rocky.» All I did was have fun with myself and write a play which I would have loved to go and see. In the beginning I was surprised by the fact that others wanted to go and see it as well. When it actually turned into a cult musical I was shocked. Would you rewrite any of it? I wouldn’t change a thing. I am «The Rocky Horror Show.» It’s my own vision of poorly made science-fiction movies, Dr Strange comics and rock’n’roll. Do you recall the best and worst reviews? The Evening Standard defined the show as «The best musical of 1973.» There are times when critics keep audiences from discovering a show, and it’s the audience itself which discovers it. Any new projects coming up? I’m working on the sequel. I’m having a great time for the time being, but I will not divulge anything else because it’s a secret. Just be a little bit patient and get ready for «The Rocky Horror Show 2»… «The Rocky Horror Show» at the Lycabettus Theater September 14-17. For reservations and information call 210.884.0600. The interview was translated from the Greek text.