Strumming Hadjidakis and more

Guitarist Stella Kypraiou has always had a soft spot for Manos Hadjidakis’s instrumental music. After all, besides being a very gifted guitarist, Kypraiou also closely collaborated with the acclaimed composer for 15 years, from the late ’70s. Working with Hadjidakis, she closely experienced his creative process by participating on many recordings as well as working with him in concerts in Greece and abroad. This coming Saturday, Kypraiou will stage the performance «Erotiki Polyrhythmia» as part of the «Autumn Days» series of events organized by the Municipality of Metamorphosis. The program will consist of guitar and mandolin music for film and theater, as well as songs from Hadjidakis’s cycles «Reflections,» «Era of Melissanthi,» «Pornography,» «Athanassia» and more. Stella Kypraiou’s album «Erotiki Polyrhythmia,» which contains 21 instrumental compositions, five guitar solos and 16 mandolin solos, is a welcome change from the bleak repetition of popular Greek hits. Saturday’s concert is to be held at Sotiros Square in Metamorphosis and admission will be free. Kypraiou will be joined by mandolin player Vivi Gheka, vocalist Pavlina Constantopoulou and narrator Yiannis Psaras.