United opposites return for more, following two sold-out shows

Almost four months after two sold-out shows in Athens for the launch of their well-received «Anases Ton Lykon» album, Yiannis Angelakas, the former frontman for the now-defunct Thessaloniki group Trypes, and cello experimentalist Nikos Veliotis return to the capital for one show tonight at the Rematia Theater in Halandri. Hailing from incongruent musical backgrounds, the duo decided to work together after meeting during recordings for the soundtrack of «Loser Takes All,» a film by Greek director Nikos Nikolaidis. Angelakas is featured in both the film and its soundtrack and Veliotis provided cello. Now well into his 40s, Angelakas, who led Trypes, one of the country’s most popular rock groups, through punk-fueled rebellion for well over a decade, has opted for soul-searching introspection with this latest project. He found a worthy partner in Veliotis, a talented, classically trained musician who has shunned academia for non-conformist ways. Besides his involvement in various other worthwhile projects, both in Greece and abroad, Veliotis is artistic director and organizer of an experimental music festival in Athens, 2:13, at the Small Music Theater in the Koukaki district. The festival is affiliated with 2:13 events in Berlin and London. For their performance tonight, Angelakas and Veliotis will be accompanied by a four-member team – viola, double bass, electronics, and mixing desk.