Let’s do the Time Warp for four nights in Athens

You will be able to dance and sing. You will also be able to throw rice and even toilet paper, throw water, put on pantyhose and high heels and be as loud as you like. Audience participation is surely one of the most important elements of «The Rocky Horror Show.» Richard O’Brien’s legendary musical opens tonight at the open-air Lycabettus Theater and will only run for four nights. «The Rocky Horror Show» was created in the early 1970s in London when Richard O’Brien decided to do a theater and music version of sci-fi B-movies. It was first staged on June 19, 1973, in a small experimental theater. Filming of «The Rocky Horror Picture Show» started a year later, but the film failed to impress. Things changed in 1976, when late-night screenings turned it into a worldwide cult phenomenon. For the past nine years, the musical has been touring Europe, under the direction of Christopher Malcolm. Athens is one of the tour’s final stops. At the recent press conference held in Athens to promote the upcoming show, Hans Goezfried, who appears as the narrator, was asked what it feels like to act in «The Rocky Horror Show.» «The dialogue with different people every day, with different personalities and expectations, is a true challenge.» The Lycabettus Theater is on Lycabettus Hill, Athens (tel 210.722.7209). For further information and tickets call 210.884.0600 or log on to