Book fair and opening party

The Papasotiriou Bookstores are having a party tomorrow at 7.30 p.m. to celebrate the opening of their new branch in Peristeri, with surprises, presents and 10-20 percent discounts (55 E. Antistasseos, Peristeri, tel, 210.574.0888). West of Athens The third annual West of Athens book fair continues at the park on Iera Odos until September, with the environment as its theme. During the fair, there will be performances of «Manolakis’s Dream,» written by a primary school pupil from Aegaleo, and which won first prize in a competition run by the Primary School Educational Directorate. Organized by the Aegaleo Municipal Library under the aegis of the National Book Center (EKEBI), the fair has attracted 52 publishers. Also participating are the Evonimos Ecological Library, Ellada Kathari (Clean Greece), the Greek Refuge for Wild Animals, Mediterranean SOS and the Ecological Recycling Society.