Evolving with time

Drog-A-Tek are a music collective who first appeared in 2001. The members are known as STMC (or Thaleia Ioannidou, trumpet and accordion), Voltnoi (Giorgos Constantinidis, guitar and loops), Rhythmatic (Stefanos Constantinidis, keyboards), Paranormale (Dimitris Emmanouil, loops and melodica), Quetempo (Makis Kendepozidis, bass) and Monochrome (Antonis Vlastos, keyboards). They have released a single with Tank (2002), the albums «23:46» (2002), «Mancine/Marley Lemep» (2003), «Humanitarian Help» (2004), «Sonic Ouf» (2004) and, most recently, «Who Hurt You?»