Notions of feminine and masculine probed on stage

Greek audiences have an opportunity to probe the masculine and feminine aspects of human nature in Virginia Woolf’s «Orlando,» currently being staged at the Roes Theater through October 9. Adapted for the theater, the Cypriot Persona Theater Company production, which stars Stella Fyrogeni, opened at London’s Bloomsbury Theater in September last year and has also been staged in Cyprus. Tonight and next Thursday, the Athens performances will have English supertitles for English-speaking audience members, something that can also be done upon request. Woolf wrote «Orlando» in 1928. Through the title character, she explored and revealed gender-related issues, tracing the notions of masculinity and femininity throughout history, from the time of Queen Elizabeth I to the early 20th century. The performance was adapted and directed by Lea Maleni, a graduate of the Greek National Theater Drama School and a permanent member of the Cyprus Theater Organization (THOC). Being an actress as well, she has toured in Greece (she has performed at the Herod Atticus Theater, the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus and the Lycabettus Theater) as well as abroad. Leading THOC actress Stella Fyrogeni is also a graduate of the Greek National Theater Drama School and worked with the Greek National Theater until 1995. Fyrogeni has acted in countless THOC productions and last performed at Epidaurus last year, in Aeschylus’ trilogy «Myrmidons-Nereids-Phrygians.» She is a professional singer as well as an actress and has worked with musicians Socrates Malamas and Alkinoos Ioannidis, among others. The Persona Theater Company is a newly founded, independent organization dedicated to traveling around the world to communicate and exchange ideas with like-minded groups. The costumes have been designed by Stavros Antonopoulos and the music was written by George Rodosthenous. The video installation is by Nicoleta Kalatha and the lighting by Carolina Spyrou. Shows take place daily at 9 p.m., except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, until October 9. The Roes Theater is situated at 16 Iakhou, Gazi, tel 210.347.431. For phone reservations, call tel 210.723.4949.