Malvasia, ‘best wine in the world’

Days and nights of Malvasia wine, called the «best in the world,» are being enjoyed by participants in a conference at Iraklion and Gazi on the island of Crete organized by the Municipality of Gazi, the Association of Malvasia Producers of Crete and the Greek Taste Academy under the aegis of the Region of Crete. Speakers are from Madeira, the Canary Islands, Sardinia and Sicily. As of yesterday and until tomorrow, when the participants will visit the archaeological site of Knossos, the subject will be Malvasia, vineyards and wine in medieval Crete, wine in Cretan literature and history «from Aghios Martinos to Agios Minas» and the guild of barrel makers in Chandakas (now Iraklion). Paulo Rodriguez will speak on Malvasia wine in Madeira, while Juan Jesus Mendez will give a lecture on current Malvasia varieties. And, as usually happens with wine, especially on Crete, a feast will follow, including Cretan specialities and Malvasia wine from all the participants’ islands.