Love, soccer and poetry

The Hellenic-American Union is holding a poetry night Monday to launch the Greek translation of «After Greece» by Christopher Bakken, published by Lagoudera. Poets Titos Patrikios and Aliki Barnstone and translator Roula Konsolaki will present the book and Bakken will read his poems. Born in the United States, Bakken taught for some years in Greece at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki and Aristotle University, and his work is inspired by his experience of Greece and his passion for the country. «After Greece» won Truman State University’s T.S. Eliot Prize in 2001, and his poem «Aegean: Flight 652» won the Brick and Mortar Poetry prize in 2004. (HAU, 22 Massalias, 8 p.m., tel 210.360.7147, October 17.) Favorite words The 35 winning entries in the Favorite Word competition go on show next week at the Goethe Institute. Repeated after its success last year, the competition attracted 726 entries. «Liebe» or «love» was by far the favorite with «Fussball» («football») the runner-up. More than 2,600 pupils of German, aged 6-17 from 41 schools and language centers in Greece, took part. The exhibition includes imaginative captions and visual material made by the children, ranging from paintings, collages and photographs to three-dimensional objects. (Goethe Institute, 11 Omirou, tel 210.366.1017, October 18-December 8.)