Standing ovation for Christopher Warren Green at Athens Concert Hall

The head of the London Philharmonia – who also leads the Camerata Orchestra, along with its honorary president, Sir Neville Marriner, and Alexandros Myrat – made his first appearance this year, this time in the Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall conducting the Camerata in a performance that included works by Handel, Stravinsky and the young Greek composer Giorgos Koumentakis with a piano solo by 26-year-old Giorgos-Emmanouil Lazaridis. Nicholas and Matti Egon had invited a number of guests including eight ambassadors to the concert and a dinner afterward at the Athens Concert Hall’s Allegro Restaurant. The audience gave a standing ovation to the conductor Christopher Warren Green for his amazing interpretations of Handel, Stravinsky and especially Koumentakis, who has put to music the loneliness and isolation within the noise of the city. «An amazing performance. This is one maestro that Greece should not lose,» said Koumentakis, who made several curtain calls with the conductor and the soloist, all of whom were guests of honor at the dinner. Warren Green was at the hostess’s table with Nada Geroulanou, German Ambassador Dr Wolfgang Shultheiss and the Argentinean Ambassador Raoul Alberto de Ricardes. US Ambassador Charles P. Ries expressed his own pleasure at attending the concert and the pleasant atmosphere at the dinner. Also present was Hungarian Ambassador Csaba Korosi and his wife Edit, Slovakian Ambassador Jaroslav Chlebo and his wife Lugica, the Czech Ambassador Jana Bulenova, Swiss Ambassador Pierre Wood and his wife Ninette, Austrian Ambassador Dr Herbert Kroll and his wife Normaczy, former German ambassador Karl Heinz Kuhna and his Greek wife Mirella. Among the Greek diplomatic guests were the former minister Ambassador Giorgos Papoulias and his wife Emily, Vassilis and Mauzy Vitsaxis, Ioannis and Lola Bourlogiannis-Tsangarides, Alexandros and Eleni Filon, Ilias and Tatiana Gounaris, the director of the Diplomatic Academy Ambassador Stratos Doukas and his wife Antonia, Ambassador John Theophanopoulos, Consul Panos Kalogeropoulos, Anastasia Pintou, Professor Maria Vassilaki, Lila Lalaouni, and Evangelos and Leonidas Scopelitis, the sons of our ambassador in London.