Saturday 22/10

FILM: Hanging Up When their grumpy dad appears to dying, three sisters whose relationship more or less hinges on the phone must put aside their differences and remember that they are family. Comedy drama directed by and starring Diane Keaton, along with Meg Ryan, Lisa Kudrow, Walter Matthau. (Mega-23.20) FILM: Antz While a garden in the middle of a city may appear to humans like a place of tranquility, for the young ant Z it is a battleground from which he must escape regardless of the perils of the outside world. Animated adventure featuring the voices of Woody Allen, Dan Aykroyd and Anne Bancroft. (Star-22.15) FILM: Extreme Measures A British doctor working in a New York hospital gets a bit too inquisitive when a body vanishes from the emergency room. Thriller starring Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman and Sarah Jessica Parker. (Star-24.00) FILM: The Object of My Affection A young woman and her gay house-mate have to make some hasty decisions regarding their relationship and parenthood when she gets pregnant by her overbearing boyfriend. Romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd and Alan Alda. (Antenna-0.45) FILM: Living out Loud The wealthy ex-wife of a doctor strikes up an unlikely friendship with her swanky apartment building’s elevator operator. Romantic drama starring Holly Hunter, Danny DeVito and Queen Latifah. (Alpha-1.30)