Dance and technology meet on stage in interactive show

A Greek dance company which for the past two years has been seeking new ways of expression where dance meets technology, image and visual arts, is staging «Invisible Cities 1.0» at the Neos Cosmos Theater. Shows started on Saturday and will run to November 30. The group, founded in 2003 by two independent artists, Ukrainian director Ash Bulayev and Greek choreographer Jenny Argyriou, creates original performances and installations. The group’s latest work has explored the use and merging of interactive technology with pre-existing ways of artistic expression. «Our work is based on the collaboration between different artists, depending on the needs of each production. You can work seriously without limiting your colleagues,» said Bulayev, who conceived and directed «Invisible Cities 1.0,» to Kathimerini. The performance is choreographed by Argyriou, who dances alongside Angeliki Stellatou and Markella Manoliadi. «We were interested in a more fluid way of working. We wanted to create works in the form of projects. Twenty artists worked on ‘Invisible Cities,’» said Bulayev. Participating artists include Stavros Gasparakis and Alexandros Tsilfidis (music composition), Constantinos Kypriotakis (sets and installation), Despina Makarouni (costumes), Nikos Makris (3D animation), Maria Athanassopoulou and Ioanna Tsinividi (video). The performance represented Greece at the 12th Mediterranean Biennale, which was held in Naples in September, and after that traveled to Germany’s Hessen to participate in the PACT Zollverein program. What happens to people living in a city’s congested environment? How do they communicate? «The show explores the effects of technology on acquiring multiple identities and on the communication between people living in a city,» said Bulayev. The company’s future plans include a three-part interactive dance theater production, sponsored by the European Union, which will take place in Athens, Amsterdam and Sofia simultaneously. Neos Cosmos Theater, 7 Antisthenous & Tharypou, tel 210.921.2900.