Friday 28/10

FILM: Square Dance A young girl is uprooted from life in the country with her grandfather when her mother reappears and moves her to the big city. Drama starring Jason Robards, Winona Ryder and Rob Lowe. (ET3-14.00) FILM: Life A fast-talking con man and a straight-laced bank teller are framed for a murder they did not commit and spend 65 years behind bars, coming to terms with the meaning of life. Comedy drama starring Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Nick Cassavetes. (Star-21.00) FILM: Enemy at the Gates A Russian and a German sniper play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, and, while the Battle of Stalingrad rages around them, have their sights set only on each other. War drama starring Jude Law, Ed Harris and Joseph Fiennes. (Alpha-23.00) FILM: The Crying Game A British soldier, held by the IRA and who formed a bond with one of his captors, escapes and heads to London to meet the Irish man’s lover. Romantic drama directed by Neil Jordan, starring Forrest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson, Stephen Rea and Jaye Davidson. (ET-1-24.00)