Saturday 3/12

FILM: Just Visiting A quirk of magic transports a knight from the 13th century into the year 2000, where he must learn a whole new code of conduct and find a wizard to undo the spell. Fantasy comedy starring Jean Reno, Christina Applegate and Christian Clavier. (Antenna-15.00) FILM: Frantic An American in Paris wakes up one morning to find that his wife has gone missing and he’s the chief suspect for the murder, but to clear his name he has to get close to some very shady characters. Thriller starring Harrison Ford, Emmanuelle Seigner and Betty Buckley. (Star-22.15) FILM: Ordinary Decent Criminal Dublin’s most notorious criminal is busy hatching new scams, while a policeman becomes increasingly obsessed with taking him down. Crime comedy starring Kevin Spacey, Linda Fiorentino and Stephen Dillane. (Mega-0.30) FILM: The Hotel New Hampshire Based on the book by John Irving, a family of oddballs experiences all sorts of weird and wonderful things, overcoming all the tragedies that life throws at them. Comedy drama starring Rob Lowe, Jodie Foster, Paul McCrane and Beau Bridges. (ET3-0.30)