Saturday 10/12

FILM: Raising Cain Child psychologist Carter Nix starts coming apart at the seams as the ghost of his domineering father and his dangerous mind-control games begin emerging from his subconscious. Brian De Palma thriller, starring John Lithgow, Lolita Davidovich and Steven Bauer. (Star-24.00) FILM: Mr Jones A manic depressive struggling with mood swings comes under the influence of a psychiatrist who takes more than a professional interest in him. Mike Figgis romantic drama, starring Richard Gere, Lena Olin and Anne Bancroft. (Mega-0.30) FILM: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? In a small, lazy town where nothing much ever happens a grocery store clerk who is in charge of caring for his brother and mother notices a girl who’s just passing through. Lasse Halstrom comedy drama, starring Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Juliette Lewis. (ET3-0.30) FILM: Police Academy 2 The bumbling cadets are sent into the city’s worst district to clean up as the mayor tries to save face. Comedy starring Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith and David Graf. (Star-17.30)