The wonderful world of set and costume designer Dionysis Fotopoulos

The wealth of Dionysis Fotopoulos’s work for both stage and film is currently on display in «The World of Dionysis Fotopoulos,» a major retrospective show which opened its doors at the Benaki Museum’s New Wing earlier this week. Through the artist’s prolific display of set and costume designs, the exhibition essentially narrates the history of contemporary Greek theater, given that the prominent set designer is intrinsically linked to a number of the greatest theater performances ever staged in this country, not to mention having worked with the creme de la creme of international directors in opera, theater and cinema productions. A particularly rich exhibition, «The World of Dionysis Fotopoulos» spreads across two floors. On the first level, visitors get a better idea of the artist’s own environment, with personal items and objects that adorn his home. On display are diverse works of art collected from all over the world, including wooden statuettes, masks, paintings, costumes, hats and set design models. Showcased on the museum’s second floor are items stemming from the productions that have marked Fotopoulos’s highly successful career, both in Greece and abroad. A third part of the exhibition features an area for video projections demonstrating the process of creating a set design. These include videos from preparations made by Fotopoulos for collaborations with Alexis Minotis, Karolos Koun, Peter Hall and Peter Stein, among others. Curated by set designer and Fotopoulos collaborator Lili Pezanou, the exhibition runs to March 19, 2006. Benaki Museum, 138 Pireos & Andronikou, tel 210.345.3111.