Saturday 24/12

FILM: Stir Crazy Framed for a bank robbery and having a hard time of it in prison, Skip and Harry are discovered by the warden as the perfect contenders for a rodeo competition. Comedy starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. (Mega-10.45) FILM: Christmas Carol: The Movie The classic tale is narrated first by «Dickens» himself and then by a mouse who recounts the important parts of the tale about a miserly old man who gets an important lesson at Christmas. Family animation featuring the voices of Simon Callow, Kate Winslet and Nicolas Cage. (ET-1-13.30) FILM: Snow Day A group of high school students do everything in their power to make sure school stays shut once the roads are snowed over. Comedy adventure starring Mark Webber, Jean Smart and Iggy Pop. (Alter-14.30) FILM: Blizzard Aunt Millie helps buck up Erin’s spirits by telling her the story of a young hopeful ice-skater who found the courage to succeed through a friendly reindeer. Partly animated family tale, starring Brenda Blethyn, Whoopi Goldberg and Brittany Bristow. (Star-17.30)