Massive Attack plan trip to Athens

Music fans are in for yet another treat this summer. Following the announcements that the Rolling Stones, Sting and Depeche Mode will perform in Greece, Massive Attack are also set to play in the Greek capital during the warm months. The Bristol-based band visits Greece quite regularly and has a dedicated local following, which always enjoys Massive Attack’s trip-hop sounds. Landmark album Massive Attack released the album «Blue Lines» in 1991; the album turned out to be a landmark for an entire generation. Over the same period they created the so-called «Bristol sound,» along with former band members like Tricky and other musicians and groups, including Portishead and Nenneh Cherry, radically changing the evolution of pop music. In 1994 they released «Protection» and a year later, «No Protection.» «Mez-zanine» followed in ’98, which most consider the band’s most mature album. It contains heavy and rather dark compositions, lit by the wonderful voices of Elizabeth Fraser and Horace Andy. The release of «100th Window» in 2003 was marked by an unfortunate incident for band member Robert Del Naja, also known as 3D. He was accused of internet child pornography by the British authorities, but the charges were later dropped and 3D claimed that the accusations had stemmed by his participation in the British anti-war movement. The band’s Athens concert will be part of a large tour. Massive Attack will be accompanied by various musicians and singers, probably including Horace Andy and Sara Jay, who had also joined them in their last concerts at Athens’s Lycabettus Theater. New release The program will feature songs from the band’s entire career. Massive Attack are set to release a new album, «Collected,» on April 4. «Collected» will contain songs from previous albums, many of them in new renditions, as well as a new single.