Farewell to ambassador from hospitable friends

Swiss Ambassador in Athens Pierre Monod and his charming wife Ninette, a soloist on the flute, have been friends of the Egons since they arrived in Greece three years ago. Now that the Monods are leaving Greece, the Egons gave a farewell reception in their honor last week. A true «hospitality ambassador,» the artist Nicholas Egon and his Greek wife Matti, who hails from Chios, are known for their open houses in Kolonaki and in Leto Katakali in Corinth, where Nicholas has his studio and where they entertain foreign ambassadors posted to Greece. They also invite them to major Greek festivals and musical events at the Athens Concert Hall and opera. So the Egons and the Monods shared many pleasant evenings together enjoying music. When it is time for one of the envoys to leave Greece, they bid them farewell with a reception and keep in touch after they have gone. So Greece remains for diplomats a reference point for hospitality and friendship. On March 15, a total of 70 ambassadors were among the 150 guests at last week’s reception at their Athens home, where many of Egon’s paintings are hung. (This year the public will be able to enjoy his collection of landscapes at the Benaki Museum as of May 22.)