Friday 24/3

FILM: Twins Julius, who is tall, athletic and naive, is the part of the birth experiment that went right. His short, tubby, small-time crook twin Vincent is the part that went wrong. But blood ties run deep and the two help each other out. Comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Kelly Preston. (Star-21.00) FILM: The Assignment An American naval officer is recruited to impersonate the ruthless Carlos the Jackal in order to bring the real killer out into the open, but the operation does not account for the assassin’s wiles. Thriller starring Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley. (Mega-23.10) FILM: North Dallas Forty A seasoned American football player who is benched by his coaches for his rebellious attitude and failure to play by the rules of the business looks for another focus in his life. Sports drama starring Nick Nolte, Mac Davis and Charles Durning. (NET-23.00) FILM: Point of No Return Adaptation of «La femme Nikita» set in America, where a woman facing death by execution is recruited as an elite government assassin and must shed all vestiges of her former identity. Thriller starring Bridget Fonda, Gabriel Byrne and Dermot Mulroney. (Star-23.15) FILM: Mayerling In the final days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the heir to the throne is caught in the middle of a scandal which threatens to topple the family’s hold on power. Terence Young historical drama starring Omar Sharif, Catherine Deneuve, James Mason and Ava Gardner. (Vouli-22.10)