New TV station with news, docs

«Television for those who hate it,» is the motto of a new TV station that begins operations tomorrow afternoon at 51 or 59 UHF. Aimed at a 35-plus age group, Skai television will be information-oriented with a program rich in documentary films and news programs. In its initial phase, the channel will be running a pilot program until October. October is also expected to see the opening of its main studio area, designed by Jacko Simon, who also did the news and series studios for the BBC, ITN, Bloomberg and the English-language Al Jazeera. The news programs of Skai TV will be in the same vein as those of its sister radio channel Skai 100.3, one of the country’s leading stations. There will also be a current affairs show presented by Babis Papadimitriou, a journalist and the managing director and head of news at Skai TV. The documentaries to be shown on the station cover a wide range of topics, from history and the environment to great personalities and significant inventions or current affairs. These are mostly productions of National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Freemantle and BBC Worldwide, though the station will be expanding its content further into operations with productions of its own and partnerships with other documentary producers. On a more youthful note, a program called «Music for the Masses, Red 96.3» will showcase music personalities and events, with biographies and live concerts. «Skai,» says Marketing Manager Popi Wallick, «is not changing the landscape of television, but giving it a new dignity and attitude.»