Saturday 6/5

FILM: The Indian in the Cupboard Just turned 9, a young boy discovers that the old cupboard his brother gave him and the toy Indian from a friend have magical powers that will change his life. Frank Oz family fiction adventure starring Hal Scardino, Litefoot and Lindsay Crouse. (Star-17.30) FILM: Woman on Top When her boyfriend cheats on her, a Brazilian chef asks the goddess Lemanja for help, but though she becomes a huge culinary success in Los Angeles, she finds she is no longer capable of falling in love. Romantic comedy starring Penelope Cruz, Murilo Benicio and Harold Perrineau. (Antenna-15.00) FILM: Billy Elliot A young coal miner’s son sees dancing as his only way out, but his family have difficulty understanding his love for the art when their basic survival is at stake. Comedy drama starring Jamie Bell, Julie Walters and Jean Heywood. (Mega-23.00) FILM: The Road to Wellville The eccentric Dr Kellogg intends to get the patients of his high-tech early 20th century spa in top form, whether they like it or not. Alan Parker comedy starring Anthony Hopkins, Bridget Fonda and John Cusack. (ET3-0.30)