It’s all a matter of time

Time, measured or felt, objective or subjective is the subject of «(dt),» the title of a group art exhibition at the Qbox gallery. Curated by art critic Iliana Fokianaki, the exhibition includes works by Sigalit Landau, Philippos Kappas, Natassa Poulantza, Yuval Yairi and Mary Zigouri. One of the most poetic works of the show is the video «Dead See,» the documentation of a work that combines performance art and land art, and was made by Sigalit Landau by the Dead Sea in 2004. In the video, the artist’s body is part of a huge, floating spiral made by a string of successive watermelons. The video follows the spiral as it unravels into a straight line. At first, the camera shows the silent motion from up close but then gradually distances itself from the spiral to offer a bird’s eye, fuller view. It is a poetic film, soothing to watch and filled with symbolism on the passage of time. Another moving work is a two-panel painting of a withering flower by Natassa Poulantza. The artist paints in layers and uses special pigments and techniques to create a luminous effect. Set against a dark purplish background, the glowing flower, its elegant, long stem slowly tilting to the ground, brings to mind its swan song and is a melancholy reminder of impending death. Yuval Yairi’s photographs are views of an infirmary’s room taken from different angles and pieced together. At Qbox (8 Alexandrou Soutzou, tel, 210.362.8791). To May 20.