150-million-year-old crocodile on show

The skeleton of a 150-million-year-old crocodile dating from the Jurassic Period went on show at Kifissia’s Goulandris Natural History Museum on Thursday, to the delight of visitors. The 450-kilo package arrived at the museum’s door from Germany, courtesy of Dr Ehrhart and Sofia Zingler. About two meters long, the beast weighed about 400 kilos and lived in shallow seas and river deltas. Only the adult individuals risked going out into the deeper waters off central Europe. The animals were often up to seven meters in length. The only related living species, explained the museum’s director, Niki Goulandris, is the Gavialis, a crocodile that lives in Southeast Asian waters. Yet another rare acquisition by the excellent Goulandris Museum, that has shown it knows how to respect nature and its creatures, and their environment.