Solomos’s ‘Free Besieged’ inspired Rigos production

The Society of Macedonian Studies in Thessaloniki is hosting the latest performance by acclaimed Greek choreographer Constantinos Rigos, «Free Besieged,» with the State Theater of Northern Greece Dance Theater until Sunday. The music is by Dimosthenis Grivas and the costumes by Dionysis Fotopoulos. The performance covers a great historical gamut, from the Greek War of Independence to the revolutions being fought today around the world. References to the siege of Mesolongi, as in the work by Dionysis Solomos of the same title, create a metaphor on freedom. «The romantic period always intrigued me and Dionysis Solomos is a romantic poet,» said Rigos. «On the other hand, I also wanted to explore a Greek theme once more, after having done ‘Memory of the Swans,’ ‘The Winter Traveler’ and «Igor’s Room.’» The title of the performance, explains the artist, defines the state of the world today; free but under siege. The production is minimalistic, using symbols such as the skirted tsolias soldier and the Greek flag. Yet beyond these brief references to Solomos’s poem, it is modern and «addresses the people who are trapped in these melancholy times,» said Rigos, who both choreographed and directed the performance. Macedonian Studies Center, 2 Ethnikis Amynis, Thessaloniki, tel 2310.288.000.