Graduation ceremony at American Farm School in Thessaloniki

Every year we present moments from the graduation ceremony at the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, which coincided this year with the 10th anniversary of the Dimitris Perrotis College of Agricultural Studies at the Farm School. The guest of honor was Aliki Perroti, who is a major benefactor of the school. Also present at the ceremony were Deputy Economy and Finance Minister Christos Folias and his wife, translator, novelist and critic Edmund Keeley and Kitty Kyriakopoulos of S&B Industrial Minerals, another major benefactor of the school. Federation of Greek Industries President Odysseas Kyriakopoulos advised the graduating students to «defend truth at all costs, to create love and share it freely.» He said they should act as a «human unit to find the way to become part of international opportunities and cooperate on their own with others at a global level.»