Saturday 1/7

FILM: Father Hood A small-time thief whose children have been taken by social services sees that they are being ill-treated and kidnaps them so he can make up for lost time. Comedy with Patrick Swayze, Halle Berry and Michael Ironside. (ET3-21.00) FILM: Enduring Love After witnessing a freak hot air balloon accident on a sunny afternoon while picnicking with his girlfriend, Joe sees that the huge impact of the experience will change his life. Drama thriller starring Daniel Craig, Samantha Morton and Bill Weston. (Prisma+-22.10) FILM: Jacknife A Vietnam veteran living with his sister and trying to heal his wounds cannot accept that his sibling is having an affair with a war buddy. Drama starring Robert De Niro, Kathy Baker and Ed Harris. (Cine+-24.00)