Contemporary artworks set in a luxurious island resort

Large, metallic sculptures that continue a constructivist aesthetic are the most typical works of well-known sculptor Yiannis Parmakelis. A selection of those machine-like, towering forms that the artist made from the late 1970s to today are on display at the five-star Minos Beach Art Hotel near Aghios Nikolaos on Crete. Made from bronze, glass, aluminium or wood, the works belong to the «Mechanicals» series. The exhibition is organized by G&A Mamidakis foundation (Gina Mamidakis is owner of the hotel and president of the foundation) and is curated by art historian and art critic Takis Mavrotas. The Minos Beach Art Hotel is one of the first to incorporate contemporary art into the premises of a resort area. Its sculpture gallery includes works by artists such as Daniel Buren, Vincent Gallo, Joseph Kosuth, Anish Kapoor, Costas Tsoklis, Nassos Daphnis, Stephen Antonakos, Theodoulos and Vlassis Kaniaris. The Mamidakis foundation has also organized international conferences on contemporary art. To September 30 ( Tel. 28410.22.345.