Prior convictions

Petros Markaris, a novelist, playwright, screenplay writer and translator, was born in Istanbul in 1937. He made his literary debut in 1965 with the play »I istoria tou Ali Retzo» (»The Story of Ali Retzo»). He collaborated with Theo Angelopoulos on the screenplays of «Days of 36,» «Alexander the Great,» «The Suspended Step of the Stork,» «The Gaze of Odysseus» and «Eternity and a Day.» He also wrote the screenplay of the popular TV series «Anatomy of a Crime.» He has translated works by authors including Goethe, Bertolt Brecht and Thomas Bernhardt into Greek. The first three titles in the Inspector Haritos series are «The Late-Night News» (1995), «Defense Zone» (1998), and «Che Committed Suicide» (2003), all published by Gavriilidis. The first is also available in an English translation by David Connolly from Harvill Press (UK) and Grove Atlantic (USA).