German rockers are back

Legendary German hard-rockers the Scorpions return to Greece for what promises to be an explosive show at the Karaiskaki Stadium tomorrow. How could the veteran band not want to celebrate their 35th anniversary on the stage with their Greek fans, who have been faithfully following their careers all these years? The show is expected to turn into a four-hour rock party in which the German act will be joined by other famous 80s hard-rockers, Whitesnake. The program will feature old Scorpions favorites, as well as songs from their latest production, «Unbreakable.» The Scorpions released their first album, «Lonesome Crow,» in 1972. During the 80s, they enjoyed huge international success with hits like «Still Loving You,» «Holiday,» «Always Somewhere» and many others. In the 90s, their songs, especially the now-classic «Wind of Change,» accompanied the major political changes which emerged from the collapse of the Eastern bloc: They performed as the Berlin Wall fell and were also the first band to give a concert in St Petersburg, behind the Iron Curtain. For tomorrow’s show, a large stage, 24 meters wide and 16 meters deep, will be set up at the Karaiskaki Stadium and a sound and light crew of 100 people will ensure an unforgettable performance. Tickets can be purchased at Virgin music stores, Ticket House (42 Panepistimiou, tel 210.360.8366) and the Karaiskaki Stadium box office (situated at Gate 25).