A postmodern take on tragedy

New York-based company the Wooster Group is presenting a postmodern version of Racine’s tragedy «Phaedra» at the Pireos 260 venue through tomorrow. The troupe is well known for producing shows that blend postmodern dance, video and photography and for its special relationship with technology. The production, titled «To You, the Birdie! (Phedre)» is based on a free adaptation of Racine’s «Phaedra,» which Paul Schmidt created especially for the Wooster Group in 1993. The show includes elements such as a specially designed sound installation, mobile video screens and movements that imitate burlesque as well as ancient Greek motifs. The material is organized according to the strict rules of badminton, hence the palace of Troezen, where the play is set, is transformed into a sports field. Over the past 30 years, the Wooster Group, under the direction of Elizabeth LeCompte, has produced 18 plays, four dance shows and five video films. It is housed at the Performing Garage in Manhattan, at 33 Wooster. For further information about the company, log on to For ticket information, see What’s On (right).