Naxos summer culture

Focusing on an «Environment of Life and Culture» and boasting a rich series of events, this year’s Naxos Festival, which, as always, is of high quality, is taking place at the impressive Bazaios Tower and will run to September. The festival kicked off last Saturday with the exhibition «Offerings of Worship,» organized jointly by the Aion Cultural Organization and the Benaki Museum. The exhibition features works by Dimitris Talaganis, who has applied traditional techniques of religious votive offerings (engraving on a metal surface) to his modern creations, which highlight the influence of votive works in art, as well as photographs by Maria Houlaki. The next series of events starts tomorrow, with a three-day tribute to writer Dimitris Dimitriadis and the first presentation of his trilogy «Ulysses – Ithaca – Homer.» It will be followed by a Balkan jazz concert by Mode Plagal on August 4 and Mania Papadimitriou’s music/ theater performance «Grandma’s Smile» on August 6. The Athens Festival theater production «The Philosopher» with Roula Pateraki will go on stage on August 9 and then singer Melina Tanagri will perform on August 12, among other treats. For information: tel 22850.31402.