Life and times of Skopelos in photographs

“Portraits of an Island,» a photography exhibition by Sade Kahra, Stratos Kalafatis and Esteban Pastorino Diaz, is on display at the new gym and primary school on the island of Skopelos until September 7. The exhibition is a production of the Skopelos Photography Center in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Photography Museum. Kahra took photographs of Skopelos tourists who hang out at beaches, bars and clubs amid the backdrop of the island’s distinctive geography. In his series «Calendar 1998-2002,» Kalafatis presents photographs in which objects, faces and places are fused with autobiographical elements. His work highlights the fluidity of people’s memory. He underscores this characteristic by occasionally blurring his works and dabbing them with movements of color. Diaz photographed the landscapes and places on Skopelos his own way. He used a kite to lift his camera into the sky, giving him a viewpoint to depict the island from heavenly heights. In those photographs, Skopelos looks like a model island. The buildings, the cars and the places look like toys and lose their imposing qualities. Another photography exhibition, titled «The Photographic Portrait,» is also on display at the same time on the island.