Byzantinists meet in London for international congress

The futures of the past was one of eight themes at the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies in London. Shedding light on every aspect of Byzantium, the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies in London focused on presenting an empire of power and intellect. From August 21-26, 1,200 Byzantinists from around the world gathered under the aegis of Charles, Prince of Wales. The congress was initiated by Professor Anthony Bryer of Birmingham University, who studied under the eminent Byzantinist, the late Sir Steven Runciman, at Cambridge. Dr Judith Herrin, who teaches Late Antique and Byzantine Studies at King’s College London, gave the opening address to warm applause. The other themes in a packed program were «Empire on Display,» «Works and Days,» «Infrastructures: Words, Texts, Orthodoxy,» and «Byzantium on Display.» Evening events included concerts, visits to exhibitions at Lambeth Palace, the British Museum, the British Library and Somerset House. And there were receptions at the British Museum and British Library, organized by Matti and Nicholas Egon, the A.G. Leventis Foundation and the Hellenic Foundation for Culture.