Vardalos to shoot on Acropolis

A very rare backdrop, the Acropolis will be the setting for Nia Vardalos’s latest film after the Greek Central Archaeological Council (KAS) gave its approval for filming to take place at the ancient temple. KAS is notoriously strict in granting permits to film production companies to use the sites under its jurisdiction and does so very rarely. The last time the Acropolis was allowed to be used for a film shoot was for the 1989 film «New York Stories,» and even then it was only granted for the story directed by Francis Ford Coppola. According to a recent publication in The Guardian, shooting for the latest film by the star and writer of the hit romantic comedy «My Big Fat Greek Wedding» will begin some time in mid-October. This latest film is another comedy, titled «My Life in Ruins,» and is to be produced by Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson. The same team was also behind «My Big Fat Greek Wedding,» which became one of the most successful independent films in terms of sales of all time. In «My Life in Ruins,» Vardalos plays a tour guide who takes groups of tourists around the archaeological sites of Greece and becomes involved in all sorts of adventures. The actress and screenwriter, whose «Big Fat Greek Wedding» earned her an Oscar nomination, pushed KAS for months to grant her crew a permit to use the Acropolis. Other sites where filming will take place are Delphi, Epidaurus and Ancient Olympia.