Winning digital short films now on DVD

Lovers of the digital age welcome fresh means of artistic expression. One such occasion was the onedotzero Film Challenge 2006, a competition of digital shorts produced by the international onedotzero festival, the British Council and the Bios cultural center. The festival, which took place in Greece for the first time in 2005, was invited back this year. Once again, it drew many participants, including directors, visual performers, animators and video artists. The works of the event’s 10 winners are now available on DVD and for sale at Fnac. Proceeds from the DVDs’ sale will go to the film directors for the promotion of their work. The winning shorts are: «The Smogbook» by Constantinos Haidalis; «Ebony Bones Don’t Fart on My Head» by Theodosis Michail; «Stepping Out» by Ilias Sfakianakis; «Fishing Day» by Eleftheria-Garifalia Leftheri; «Der Puppengeiger» by Achilleas Gatsopoulos; «Pixel: Ah» by Martha Koumarianou; «Miracle» by Constantinos Karpathiou; «Liquid Thoughts» by Aris Michalopoulos; «Deep Listening» by Cleopatra Nikolaou and «Fricks» by Eleni Tsampra.