Average person profiled

Who is the «average person»? A worn-out employee who goes home at 6 p.m. to surrender to the comfort of his television? The millions who pack themselves onto the National Road come Friday? Tired faces on the streets? All of us? What does the expression «average person» actually signify at the beginning of the 21st century in the homogenized Western societies in which we live? A group of 16 artists (most of them graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts) attempted to answer the question recently. For about six months, they organized a lively, open workshop dedicated to the study of the «average person.» The project included discussions, lectures, screenings and research stemming from the realization that the artistic avant-garde is far removed from the average person. The homes, the culture, the desires of the so-called average people – such as housewives and pensioners – all came under the scrutiny of the research group and its findings are being showcased at Bios. A series of events have been scheduled for tomorrow, the show’s last day with a round-table discussion and a screening of Robert Redford’s «Ordinary People.» Bios, 84 Pireos, tel 210.342.5335.