A treasure chest of Metsovo weaving

Opening up the book «Warp and Weft» by fine arts professor and weaver Catherine Van Steen and her pupil Eleni Lykiardopoulou is like opening up a treasure chest of weaving from Metsovo. Everything is there. The outfits that women still wear when the church bell rings on Sunday, kilims, blankets, embroidered covers, chimney screens, capes, satin aprons with lace and silk scarves to cover wedding gifts. And it contains the secrets of weaving: the materials, the dyes, the technique, the processing of the fabric, and the washing of it in the watermill under the plane trees. Handsomely produced by Kapon Publications, with a preface by Ioanna Papantoniou and an introduction by Elena Averoff, the book reveals a precious tradition that is passed down from mother to daughter.