Savvopoulos aims series of shows at core of fan base

Dionysis Savvopoulos, one of Greece’s most popular singers, is beginning the fall season without an orchestra and without his usual hits in a series of gigs running to December 10 at the Gazarte venue in central Gazi. Flanked by two well-established musicians – pianist and composer Stavros Landsias and electric bass virtuoso Yiotis Kiourtsoglou – Savvopoulos will be putting on a low-key show of 32 compositions that, unlike many of his hits, are rarely heard by a mainstream audience. «The bad thing about hits is that after a while people don’t want to hear anything else,» said Savvopoulos at a recent press conference. «But there are other songs, songs that have slipped past a very large audience. There is also a section of people who prefer to listen to these songs, without, however, saying that they snub the hits. I think these people are the core of my listeners.» «Core» (Pyrinas) is also the title chosen for this show, reflecting this group of fans who, he says, do not live an empty life, but who search for the essence of things. Savvopoulos has faith in this type of person, even though he believes that television has undermined people’s intellect and weakened the so-called «core.» The singer-songwriter also warns people who are thinking of attending his show on a whim, just for a night out, not to bother. «They will have a horrible time. We don’t want to make these people suffer.» Savvopoulos also says that he feels great about performing without an orchestra: «I will have these two great masters of improvisation by my side; we will be way out there. When you haven’t got all the impressive sounds of an orchestra, you are forced to give it your all. And when that happens, it’s intoxicating.» Dionysis Savvopoulos, Stavros Landsias and Yiotis Kiourtsoglou will appear every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until December 10. Gazarte, 32-34 Voutadon, Gazi, tel 210.346.0347/345.2277.