‘4 theatriki mythi’ They spent two years testing themselves on stage, performing well-known and much-loved material by the late composer Manos Hadjidakis. As a result, heading for the studio seemed like the next obvious step. This is, more or less, how Manolis Lidakis and Alkinoos Ioannidis approached «4 theatriki mythi,» a project comprising themes that Hadjidakis had written for the stage. The vocal efforts of Lidakis and Ioannidis blend beautifully for the contents here: «Paramythi horis onoma,» «Blood Wedding,» «Captain Michalis,» and «The Caucasian Chalk Circle,» works based on the respective writings of Iakovos Kambanellis, Lorca, Nikos Kazantzakis and Bertolt Brecht. This is a release not to be missed.