A tribute to Karolos Koun

In order to mark the passage of 20 years since the death of theater master Karolos Koun (February 14, 1987), two generations are currently organizing a joint tribute. The students of the Theatro Technis (Art Theater) and the students of the late master are to go on stage together to present a music and theater performance at the Plaka theater. Dimitris Degaitis has put together a show that transports the audience to the Theatro Technis’s «warehouse,» where the drama school’s students unearth forgotten material. Old photographs, scores, costumes and stage props allow them to re-enact landmark Theatro Technis productions. At the heart of the commemorative production lies the music of Christos Leontis with the aspiring actors interpreting various songs written by the composer for a number of plays, including «Maroula’s Good Fortune» (1974), «Acharnes» (1976), «Iphigenia at Aulis» (1990), «Plutus» (1994) and «Medea» (1995). Koun, a leading theater director founded the experimental Art Theater in 1942. Theatro Technis, 14 Frinichou, Plaka, tel 210.322.2464.