Black Light Theater back at the Coronet

The magic of the Black Light Theater of Prague returns to Athens later this month as the company presents a new production of Mozart’s «The Magic Flute» at the city’s Coronet Theater beginning on February 24. Through the language of pantomime, the company will narrate the adventures of Prince Tamino, who falls in love with Princess Pamina, daughter of the Queen of the Night. Pamina is a prisoner of the magician Zarastro and Tamino vows to set her free. Company history The Black Light Theater’s history can be traced back to imperial China and the principle of a small stage covered in black cloth against which invisible puppet players move objects against candlelight. The idea traveled to Europe and in 1961, Jiri Srnec established the Black Light Theater of Prague. A graduate of the Superior School of Fine Arts, the State Conservatory and the Theater Academy of Prague, Srnec experimented on the relationship between reality and illusion on stage. The art of the Black Light Theater is based on a stage background of black velvet gainst which artists, operators and objects are all clad in black and where through the use of black light, multicolored objects come to life. Coronet Theater, 11 Frynis, Pangrati, tel 210.7012123, 210.7012511. For more information log onto Performances begin on February 24.