Metro stops offer a taste of young art

One of Greece’s most successful forums for young artists, the Dia-Roes Festival, is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Running until Saturday, the event brings together a great number of artists from all around the country who will show their work at several of the capital’s metro stations. The festival is organized with the support of the Education Ministry’s General Secretariat for Youth. The core of the events will be held at Syntagma metro station – one of the busiest commuter hubs in the city. The young artists who have been invited to participate have been assigned the task of creating works inspired by the concept of travel and movement (of people and ideas), and of a city’s human networks. Other stations that will be hosting a large number of events are Doukissis Plakentias, Aghios Antonios and Aghios Dimitrios. According to Vasso Kollia, the secretary-general for youth: «At the city’s metro stations, youthful fervor is wedded to inspiration to take us on a journey of art… The next station is the public’s show of support for art through this surprising and exceptionally interesting event.» There are over 100 artists from all around Greece taking part in Dia-Roes 2007 from the following fields: 31 participants in the category of painting, 22 in photography, 11 in video art, nine in dance, six in installations, four in music, four in performance art, two in theater and two in narrative, a well as a plethora of young filmmakers, presented by Cinema magazine within the context of the festival.