Oktana back on stage with ‘Plan B’

åThe six-year absence from the stage of talented and unpredictable choreographer Constantinos Rigos has been strongly felt. Rigos, who knows how to keep the audience on its toes, now presents his latest production at the Arts Center of Halandri, celebrating, at the same time, the comeback of the legendary Oktana dance group. «Free Besieged – Plan B,» which opened in June last year at the Kotopouli-Rex Theater as part of the Athens Festival, is being staged until May 7, starting tonight. For Rigos, the past year has been one of adjustment. He took on the direction of the National Theater production of «Much Ado About Nothing» and choreographed «Les Sylphides» and «Little Piece/Peace of America» for the National Opera. He is currently casting another look at «Free Besieged» and planning his next steps. The music for «Plan B» was written by Dimosthenis Grivas and the costumes were designed by Natasha Dimitriou. Rigos was in charge of the choreography, the direction as well as the sets. The performance is structured around contradictions, similar to the ones found in poet Dionysios Solomos’s work of the same title and in other works of the Romantic tradition. The contradiction of the performance title runs through the entire show, which is about freedom and being deprived of it, about the vastness of nature and restriction, about dreams and nightmares. The re-grouped Oktana features dancers Panayiotis Kontonis, Amalia Bennett, Nancy Stamatopoulou, Dimitra Haralambous, Savvas Baltzis, Francois Renault and Edouard Pelleray. Arts Center of Halandri, ACS, 53 Garyttou, Halandri, tel 210.639.3341. For ticket information, call 210.723.4567.