Book festival celebrates its 30th year

Dionysiou Aeropagitou Street, at the foot of the Acropolis, has filled up with books again for the annual book festival run by the League of Athens Publishers (SEBA). The festival, which turns 30 this year, runs till May 14, with 300 publishers exhibiting at 254 stands. SEBA has enhanced the festival with an exhibition, raffles and prizes of books. The exhibition comprises posters, photographs and catalogues from the festival’s 30-year existence. The raffle is for two trips for two people to Alexandria, Egypt, and Nicosia in Cyprus. And some visitors to the fair will win books to the value of -300. Also part of the festival is a series of discussions on means of promoting books, featuring writers, critics and journalists from Greece and abroad. Topics include the contribution of the press to the book sphere; criticism, critics and books; books on radio and television; books in the foreign press; the role of the Internet – the case of blogs; online magazines – perspectives and prospects.