The prize juries

For the Na Ena Milo awards, all the (mainly young and very young) writers who have contributed at least once to one of the magazine’s eight issues are on the jury. A family affair. At Diavazo, two members of the jury (Alexis Zyras and Girogos Aragis) are strictly literary critics, while the rest are academics and writers: Dimitris Daskalopoulos, Angela Kastrinaki, Costas Katsoularis, Lefteris Papaleontiou and Nikitas Parisis, At Dekata, the jury comprises active writers of all generations: Thanassis Valtinos, Katerina Zarokosta, Achilleas Kyriakides, Dino Siotis, Chryssa Spyropoulou, Costas Akrivos, Thodoros Grigoriadis, Elias Maglinis, Sofia Nikolaidou and Ersi Sotiropoulou.