Yiannis Moralis work fetches record price

LONDON – Another Greek-related art auction, held in the British capital last Tuesday, has proved to be a great hit. Following the most successful Greek Sale of all times, organized by Sotheby’s on May 10, Bonhams auctioned off more than 200 19th and 20th century works by Greek artists as well as Greek-related works by foreign artists. The auction, which raised almost 6 million euros, lasted four hours and 15 minutes. Bids were placed not only by those present but also by phone. What is noteworthy and demonstrates that interest in Greek sales is not confined to Greek buyers, is that some of the artworks were sold to buyers in the USA, Canada, Europe and India. There is of course a possibility that the new owners are of Greek descent, but according to Terpsihori Angelopoulou of Art Expertise, which represents Bonhams in Greece, there were also many foreign art dealers. Yiannis Moralis’s 1965 «Composition» drew the highest bid. It was sold for 735,000 euros, which marks a new record for the Greek artist. The auction also featured works by Nikos Engonopoulos and Constantinos Parthenis.