Al Gore to talk about global warming

Usually it’s the other way round. First you make it big in Hollywood, then you go into politics and head east. This, however, is not the case with Al Gore. For the former vice president and leading man in the 2007 Academy Award-winning documentary «An Inconvenient Truth,» politics paved the way for something greater – the race to save the planet. Following the controversial US presidential elections of 2000 – which included a month of ballot recounts and dispute that ultimately ended in a George W. Bush victory – Gore has reinvented himself as a fervent supporter of major ecological issues. In Athens The former vice president is expected in Athens on June 13 to give a lecture at the Athens Concert Hall. Part of the Megaron Plus series, Gore’s visit is also part of a current world tour. Organized by the Athens Concert Hall in collaboration with Ecoweek 2007, he is scheduled to talk on the subject of «An Inconvenient Truth.» The Megaron lecture, which will be accompanied by screenings of the documentary in Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu and Aegina, is supported by a group of sponsors that includes the Bodosakis Foundation, the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, the A.G. Leventis Foundation and the Titan cement firm. A not-for-profit organization, Ecoweek was founded by Ilias Messinas in 2005. ‘Inconvenient Truth’ Directed by David Gugenheim and produced by Laurie David, Lawrence Bender and Scott Z. Burns, the documentary focuses on one man’s crusade against global warming, by uncovering some myths and misconceptions. At the heart of the film lies Gore, accessible and passionate, talking on the subject of «planetary emergency.» For Gore, global warming is no longer part of the political agenda, but the greatest moral issue facing the international community. The film also traces the life of the man: Gore’s college ideals (which included the environment), becoming a young senator faced with a life-altering family tragedy, all the way to turning into what he himself refers to as «the former next president of the United States.» «An Inconvenient Truth» is based on Gore’s book of the same title. In the book, the 45th vice president of the United States offers compelling evidence – through a scientific and a visual approach. Out of love Having fallen out of love with politics, Gore maintains that his planetary ambitions are solely ecological, far removed from Washington’s power games. Politics, however, cannot go away altogether. In his recently published book, «The Assault of Reason,» Gore offers his own account and perspective of the post 9/11 years, accusing President Bush of being «out of touch with reality.» For many Americans, Gore is turning into a highly attractive candidate for future elections. For the time being though, he is happy struggling as a citizen of the world. Athens Concert Hall, 1 Kokkali & Vas. Sofias, tel 210.728.2333. For more information on «An Inconvenient Truth» screenings, visit